Lisa Stobb Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Music 1, Music 2, Music 3, Music 4, Music 5, Music 6, Music 7, Music 8, Religion 6, Religion 7, Religion 8

  • Bachelor of Music Education  - 1986- Cum Laude - West Texas State University 
  • Kodaly Certification - University of North Texas 1988
  • Halfway through a Master's of Music Education - 1989 University of North Texas
  • Married 1990!
  • Cooper Institute training for PE 2009 - 2010


 I have been married 20 years this June 2010 and there you go!  I have a wonderful husband and 4 great kids.  My eldest is finishing up her Freshman year in college with my second eldest headed off to college this Fall! My third daughter attends the Highlands and Timothy graduates from Immaculate Conception this year!  He will also head to the Highlands, following in his sister's footsteps.   

We took our children on a wonderful trip to Europe this past summer - mostly traveling throughout Germany.  That is a wonderful, wonderful experience.  Perhaps I will eventually learn how to post some pics from it!!


Hello!  I love teaching at Immaculate Conception School!  I have been teaching here since 2002 and have sent my four children through this school as well.  I have worn many different teaching hats here, but the main one is always MUSIC!  I am also the Music Director for Immaculate Conception Church.  Currently I teach K-8 Music and 6-8 Religion.  What a joy for me!