Teacher Wish Lists

There are many times during any school year, that a teacher can be overheard saying something like "Well, wouldn't that be neat to have?!" or "I could really use ____________".  There are also parents who constantly want to know "What does my child's teacher really need/want?"  Below, are simple wishes that teachers are going to add to, as they come across things they could use.  Sometimes parents/alumni may have "connections" with items that would be easy to acquire, but not so easy for a teacher to just go out and purchase.  We never expect anything, but if you feel so inclined to donate something to help out, we are always very APPRECIATIVE!  God Bless!


SR. MARIE KIM/Mrs. Susy (PRE-K): Colored Foam sheets, kinetic sand, puzzles (wood 25-100 count); ELMO- document camera; tissue paper, and small foam stickers( letters & shapes)

MRS. GONZALEZ-KARRAS (Kinder): Play Dough, Label maker. Mini round glue sticks (for putting in a 'mini glue gun'). Clear plastic bins, with lids, - shoe boxed sized or bigger(for storing classroom materials).
Sandwich sized Ziploc bags.

MRS. FLORES (1st Grade): ·4 student headphones for computers in classroom
·Amazon gift cards (for classroom books/items needed)
·ELMO (document camera/projector for classroom-to replace current one if needed)
·replacement bulbs for current projector --model number and type: NEC 2600-lumen High-Brightness Mobile Projector (NP-V260X)

SISTER LORETTA ROSE (2nd Grade):low odor dry erase board markers, plastic spoons and forks, speaker for teacher classroom computer, gift card for Mardels Christian Supply Store

MRS. CEKOSKY (3rd Grade)

Half Price Books gift cards

A class set of The Escape of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks by Nancy McArthur (10-12 paperbacks)

A class set of The Return of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks by Nancy McArthur (10-12 paperbacks)

speakers for teacher's classroom computer


MRS. OSUNA (4th Grade):

• a document camera and new projector
Thank you and God Bless!

MRS. ALVARES (5th Grade): Projector- Epson Power Lite 822p, Document Camera- Elmo / Ladybug; Smart board- Prometheum; Tumble Books- program purchase; Brain Pop program purchase
Chapter books-The "classics" 

MRS. WILLIAMS (P.E., Technology, 6-8th ELA):

EXPO BOLD COLOR markers (not the low odor kind please); Air Purifier (no filter replacement needed please); Amazon gift cards; Computer Speakers, Pencil Sharpener (commercial grade) *FOR PE: tennis/badminton rackets; large hula hoops; any sports equipment or balls you may not need

MRS. MAHER (Jr.High Science/Math):

EXPO BOLD COLOR markers (not the low odor kind please) and erasers
ELMO (document camera)
K'nex kits: Machines, Force and Motion or any other kind
T-pins in plastic boxes
gloves (small) for disection (no latex please)
plastic/disposable aprons

MRS. STOBB: A set of Orff instruments
Projector and screen for classroom
Decorative masking tape for classroom projects and for Mrs. Stobb
Scrapbook paper packs
Cardstock decorative paper
Clorox (or their equivalent) wipes

Mrs. Daugherty (Jr High Social Studies & Reading): *ELMO (document camera/projector for classroom
*replacement bulbs for projector - Epson PowerLite 822p
*scotch tape
*Scotch Tape Dispensers
*Modeling Clay
*Craft Sticks

GENERAL PURPOSE: Microwave Ovens, Copy Paper, Shelves (similar to grocery store shelves, to be used in storage rooms); Plastic Utensils (used when students don't have what they need for their lunches); A Basketball goal for outside recess opportunities, TV/DVD player(s), computer headphones (these are constantly needing to be replaced/are breaking)