Mrs. GK’s Wish List:

o Ink for printer: HP ENVY 7645 (#62 Black and 62 XL Tri-color)
o Playdoh (any color) multi-pack
o JUMBO Ziploc Bags (plastic handle at the top)

o I LOVE chocolate! (esp. dark). (plain; or… w/ peanut butter.. and/or with coconut in it)
o I love nuts: cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, & pecans
o I shop at Walmart and Aldi
o My favorite color is purple
o I collect: Koala Bears, and Crosses, and… anything with music notes on it
o I love to wear pierced earrings – that are crosses, OR… ‘holiday themed’
o Hobbies and Interests:, Singing, Dancing, Gardening
o  I am NOT fond of flowers, candles, or scented body lotions
o I don’t drink coffee, but… I LOVE herbal & flavored teas
o Some of my favorite foods are: cheesburgers, pizza, seafood, & watermelon
o My favorite soft drink is Mr. Pibb