Four Nights in Madrid + Flamenco Show

Enjoy your adventure to Spain in the capital city of Madrid, located right in the center of the Iberian
peninsula. This is home to both the Spanish Royal family and the government headquarters. This
cosmopolitan city is a gastronomic paradise, bringing together heritage, terroir, tradition and innovation
and is bustling with activity. You can explore the rich history it offers, from the foundation by the Moors
through to its fascinating transformation into the vibrant, modern city you see today. Then, experience
the rich culture at night while you enjoy a three-course dinner and watch a Flamenco show while
sipping Sangria.
– Four Nights Accommodation in Hotel Preciados (or similar)
– Daily Hotel Breakfast
– Three-Course Dinner and Flamenco Show
– Concierge Service and Travel Assistance

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